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Who I am

My name is Tee. I am a  hair stylist, specializing in locs, hair weave extensions, and aesthetics with multiple years of experience. I specialize in hair care for all types of hair textures, including natural hair, Caucasian hair textures, and relaxed hair. I am in a Private, secured comfortable home setting, accommodating and keeping my clients comfortable. I am available seven days a week, same day appointments can be arranged as well.

I start, maintain, repair and treat loc's. I apply, safely remove, and maintain individual eyelash extensions, I install and maintain sew in weave extensions and. I use professional products. Though I am not an advocate of chemicals, I also safely apply them as well such as bleaching, relaxing, and texturing. I also specialize in hair transitions from chemical to natural. .

I am big on natural hair care. Even throughout styling, natural hair must be properly treated, and necessary Oils and regimen must be used to ensure that the hair and scalp stays healthy. I also offer oxygen  treatments to jump start the hair follicles to promote hair growth. I also work with clients that have advanced stages of alopecia, thinning  and or balding hair due to poor care or stress. I advertise specials daily on facebook for virgin hair and services. Feel free to check out that page to keep up with hot deals! http://www.facebook.com/weavevixxen

All  sew in weave extensions services are GUARANTEED to last for  8-12 weeks, when properly maintained.

I distribute 100% pure and unprocessed Virgin  hair for  reasonable prices. All stock is grade 5A or better, and can be bleached to color, permed, washed, curled and or flexi rodded. Weave Vixen Virgin Hair has 1-3year life span.  As a form of payment, I accept all cards with Visa, MasterCard, or American Express logo. or Cash NO CHECKS or money orders. I also accept PayPal. Please feel free to give me a call anytime to discuss any other inquiries that you have and or to book an appointment. 443-221-1586

Difference Between Indian, Peruvian, Malaysian & Brailian Virgin Hair

There are some differences between all 4 types of hair. The differences are more apparent in the hair's reaction to water, heat or air drying. The Client will defiantly notice the difference after a couple weeks of wear.


These all have natural movement and should have minimal shedding and tangling.
Each texture can be processed in wavy, straight or curly .
With virgin Hair you will notice colors are not even through out the bulk. You will find a few strands maybe lighter or darker than the rest of the weft. This is normal and typical of hair from a sunny country where hair lightens with exposure to the sun.
A co-wash is recommended on all types of hair.


Malaysian Hair - Malaysian hair at first can appear excessively shiny but after the first 2/3 washes the shine lessens considerably to take on a more natural appearance. Curls will not loosen or drop with time but maintain their form for the entire day. No product is required to maintain the curl. Avoid using too oil spray on this hair as it will make the hair very shiny and appear 'wiggy'. Malaysian hair is softer and silker in texture than Indian hair.If you want volume and thickness, Malaysian hair is your best option. It gives great bounce and heavy body. It is great for all styles. Malaysian hair comes naturally dark in color and natural straight. Due to its fullness, it can have a tendency to be dry if proper care isn?t taken. We advise that sufficient moisture in the form of good leave-in conditioner be used after the second re-use of the hair. The good thing is that this type of hair requires less wash because of its heavy density.

Indian Hair - This is 100% Indian virgin human hair and it comes from the Indian Race.Indian hair tends to dry into a beautiful wave which ranges from a slight wave to very wavy, although it straightens and curls very easily. The hair holds curls very well but they do loosen slightly but will never totally fall out unless you are in a humid or damp environment. By purchasing Indian hair from an honest supplier, it will come in its raw state. A co-wash is absolutely necessary to transform this hair from its raw state.

It is very soft and lustrous, and thinner than Chinese hair. The natural straight hair texture can wave up when wet. Great for all textures ( yaki/wavy/curly ), specially for natural wave and natural straight

Brazilian Hair - It comes from the pacific of Brazil and its derived in different lengths and natural colors. This hair is silkier and shinier in texture than Indian Hair. This hair has a shiny appearance and feel. It is available in wavy, straight or curly textures. The Straight textures are not bone straight but tends to have some light waves in it. This hair holds curls very well and tends to hold curls longer than the Indian Hair.This type of hair is usually soft and smooth. Texture may vary from natural straight to natural full bouncy body wave. The use of this type of hair is popular in most west-african countries. This type of hair last for as long as you take good care of it. It doesn?t require special maintenance. Brazilian hair is good for all hairstyles. It holds curls beautifully and curls when wet.

Peruvian Hair - This hair is a little coarser and thicker in texture than Indian or Brazilian hair. It blends well with normal African-American relaxed hair textures and medium Caucasian hair textures. Peruvian hair has received tons of attention since 2010. Peruvian hair is multi purpose hair. Peruvian hair has the ability to look naturally voluminous despite the fact it is lightweight.Meaning, you can have over 500grams (5pcks) of hair and yet it feels like feathers. It is extremely manageable even in times when hair isn?t maintained properly. Peruvian hair is great for sleek straight styles as well as short & edgy styles.


1. Air drying is highly recommended for all types of hair after washing and conditioning.

2. Perform a co-wash at least once in 2-3 weeks. Hello Hydration by Herbal Essence is a great conditioner. Coconut Milk Serum by OrganX is great

3. Try to always use a moisturizing leave in conditioner. Avoid having to use any other styling products between washes.

4. Use alcohol free serums or products on hair. This will not dry out the hair and make it frizzy.

5. Do not apply any heavy oils on hair as they will seep on to the hair extension, in turn weighing it down and resulting in restricted movement and potential tangling, When using Morocco oils, use very sparingly. 

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